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dns settings

static domain_name_servers=

>/etc/netctl/my_static_profileInterface=enp1s0 Connection=ethernet IP=static Address=('') Gateway='' DNS=('') >/etc/ressolvconf.confname_servers=

awesome wm config


     Awesome WM configuration template


-- {{{ Required libraries
local awesome, client, mouse, screen, tag = awesome, client, mouse, screen, tag
local ipairs, string, os, table, tostring, tonumber, type = ipairs, string, os, table, tostring, tonumber, type

local gears         = require("gears")
local awful         = require("awful")
local wibox         = require("wibox")
local beautiful     = require("beautiful")
local naughty       = require("naughty")
local lain          = require("lain")
local freedesktop   = require("freedesktop")
local hotkeys_popup = require("awful.hotkeys_popup").widget
local my_table      = awful.util.table or gears.table -- 4.{0,1} compatibility
-- }}}

-- {{{ Error handling
-- Check if awesome encountered an error during startup and fell back t…

microemulator save page opera mini

on /  xtracted folder
right click>new>shortcut>

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_181\bin\java.exe" -cp microemulator.jar;lib\microemu-jsr-75.jar --impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet Opera.jar


micro emu:


idm force reassemble parts

idm force reassemble

cp /b file1+file2+........

to generate recursive name

for i in range(1,total_pices):
    print("Split_file_name"+str(i)+'+',end=' ')

save  as
python >>a.bat

drive quota fix

remove export=download& andreplace uc with open

vpn not use

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel,
Sweden, and of course countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and all Arab states.