11 "Teen" Actors Who Are Actually Way Older

11 "Teen" Actors Who Are Actually Way Older

Ever notice that the teenagers on your favorite shows are maybe not looking all that teenage anymore? For years, people in their early to mid-twenties have been playing teens on TV but some of these actors are closer to — *gasp* — 30!

1) Troian Bellisario - 29 on October 28

troian bellisario jpg
Spencer from Pretty Little Liars is supposed to be about 18, but in real life Troian is about to turn 29. I always thought she looked mature for her age, and not just in the studious way. She's actually older than Ian Harding, who plays Mr. Fitz!

2) Tammin Sursok - 31

tammin sursok jpg
Tammin plays teenage Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars, but in real life she's 31, married, and has a baby. No offense to Tammin but I called this one.

3) Emily Kinney - 29

Emily Kinney jpg
Emily Kinney plays 18 on The Walking Dead, so it seemed pretty creepy when she and Norman Reedus (Daryl) were getting cozy. In real life though she's 29, so it probably would still be creepy if she was getting cozy with Norman Reedus. Less creepy for sure, though.

4) Deborah Ann Woll - 29

deborah ann woll jpg
Deborah plays an eternally teenage vampire on True Blood, which ended its run a couple weeks ago. The problem with actors playing vampires is that well, humans grow older. Which brings us to...

5) Paul Wesley - 31

Paul Wesley jpg
Paul plays Stefan, the eternally 17-year-old vampire on The Vampire Diaries. In real life, though, he's been able to get into bars for a decade.

6) Mark Salling - 31

Mark Salling jpg
Mark plays Puck on Glee, who's about 19 now. Mark, however, has had his driver's license for 15 years.

7) Matt Lanter - 30

Matt Lanter jpg
Matt plays 16 on Star Crossed, when in reality it's more likely that he's actually an alien than actually 16.

8) Chris Zylka - 29

Chris Zylka jpg
When I saw Chris Zylka playing a teenager on Twisted (RIP) I said "LOL, come on". Turns out he's 29 and I was totally right.

9) Crystal Reed - 29

Crystal Reed jpg
Crystal played Allison Argent on Teen Wolf when in real life she is neither a teen nor a wolf. I know, she's not a wolf on the show either. Just joking around, you guys.

10) Bianca Lawson - 34

Bianca Lawson jpg
On Pretty Little Liars, Bianca Lawson played Maya St. Germain, who met her untimely end at 17. Bianca, however, has been 17 two times over.

11) Trevor Donovan - 35

Trevor Donovan jpg
Trevor Donovan is the king of playing younger than he is. When 90210 ended last year, Teddy was probably 19 and Trevor was 34. You go, Teddy.

Special Mention - Mae West

Mae West jpg
Mae was a star in the 1930s, but decided she wanted to make one more romantic comedy, Sextette, in 1978 when she was ... 86. She stars as a young woman on her honeymoon with Timothy Dalton, who was 32 at the time. Sure, it's super gross, but props to Mae for believing in her youthful beauty to the very end.

Congrats to these actors who, like the rest of us, will be young forever and ever. Did any of them surprise you? Let me know @erikaheidewald or in the comments!
[An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Paul Wesley was on "True Blood." He's totally on "The Vampire Diaries," DUH.]


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