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@UberSoc #uberhalloween no masks allowed at school so I had to paint and cut his hair for the Bane look lol pic.twitter.com/UkOFJEsIi0
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Something new, just in time for #Fall - the @panerabread Turkey Cranberry flatbread! pic.twitter.com/PDgpUPiMMW
For your Friday night enjoyment: Italy at Night from the International Space Station. Wow! pic.twitter.com/DWlAvU0MKp
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Sprint Customers – Get a $150 Reward Card with every LG G3 order. bit.ly/Sprint_LGG3 Offer ends 7/24. pic.twitter.com/3cMUi17GXw
Exclusive to Sprint customers: LG G Flex now $0 down. Restrictions apply. Click to learn more bit.ly/1iqud5h pic.twitter.com/FKLrX7loct
Looking for a cutting edge phone? Sprint is offering an LG G2 for FREE online. Offer ends 3/31 bit.ly/1mvaX9y pic.twitter.com/j5gOpxZAPK
Our friends at LG are giving away over $1,000 worth of gift cards – follow @UnlimitYourLG for details! pic.twitter.com/goGuN1HdGw
Quotes around the office @idealabpasadena. What's your favorite #quote?
A lucky winner gets one of each of our favorite things! Who could resist swags from DKNY, Audyssey, Threadless & more! You know what to do ;)
This year's holiday party is going to rock with these @AudysseyLabs Wireless Speakers. Only 5 of these for UberSocial fans! Detailed info on our Facebook page! #5UberHollyDays
Who could ever resist silk, cashmere and @DonnaKaranDKNY when they come in one package? We sure can't! It may be a wise decision to enter the #5UberHollyDays giveaway cause we have 5 of these babies :)
We wanted to spoil the rest of your 2012 with goodies from @Threadless, @Society6 and Fannie May! For a chance to win, enter our #5UberHollyDays giveaway on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ubersocial)
What better way to start 2013? Get Buttoned Up planners and UberSocial PRO of course! Enter the #5UberHollyDays giveaway on our Facebook page.
Dian's getting ready for our #5UberHollyDays giveaway. Visit our Facebook (facebook.com/ubersocial) to enter. Good luck!
#InstaTip: Story. Before you snap a photo, ask yourself, "What story am I trying to tell?" Understanding your narrative will help make your photo compelling. Here's a look at our story:
#InstaTip: Eye Level. To get the best angle for your photo, shoot your subject at their eye level. Want a cute pic of your dog? Get on the floor!
#InstaTip: Golden Hour. Shooting outside one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset is the right amount of exposure and softest light for your subject to shine. Here's a comparison of the #sunset at #UberSocial HQ using this rule!
#InstaTip: Color. Finding and focusing on pops of color in your frame naturally draws the eye in and makes the picture more exciting. Here's a pop of color from our office--what do you think?
#InstaTip: To make your photos visually interesting, imagine your screen divided into 3 parts and put the focus of your photo along one of those lines. Here's our example!
Peanut butter pretzel eyeballs, Graveyard cake, Ghoulish German Choco cupcake galore at the Halloween Dessert Contest! Which ones look yummiest to you?
Guess the characters for #Halloween at #UberSocial! Hint: Wizards and Platform 9 3/4.
Villains on the loose! Who can guess what the theme is at our HQ this Halloween?
Do weekends mean food in bed, an early hike for you or watching cartoons like the good ol' times? Post your version of a weekend #UberMorning
Our morning started with the beautiful new #Alarmist app and checking UberSocial. Instagram us the first thing you do when you wake up, and tag with #UberMorning!
We don't like to brag, but we had a little fun with #Baconfest 2.0 this afternoon. #UberBacon
Got a friend who uses @UberSocial that's on Instagram? Get em to follow #UberSocial behind-the-scenes!
Got your tickets to the gun show? Some UberStaffers do push-ups for 15 minutes everyday at work. What do you do to stay fit?
Giftcards are on their way to their respective #MyUberScreen winners! Personally handwritten with love by moi 😊 - ^AM
What's your favorite part of the movie experience? Snacks, comfy seats or something else? Either IG us a photo with #UberMovie or let us know in the comments!
Are you seeing Looper or Won't Back Down this weekend? UberIntern ^AA is seeing an advance screening of Pitch Perfect this weekend! Instagram us your ticket stubs with the hashtag #UberMovie!
Heading to the movies this weekend? What's your must-have #UberMovie snack? Do Popcorn, Skittles, or Redvines make your night? If we're missing your favorite, Instagram us a photo with the hashtag #UberMovie or leave us a comment!
Did you get yesterday's #UberMystery Pic right? Mannequin hand! We think today's photo is super tricky: It's something in the #UberSocial office. If you guys are stumped, we'll let you know if you're getting warmer....or (HINT) if you're stuck in the cold.
Members of the UberSocial team visited the #WetzelsPretzels HQ for free and tasty pretzels today! What's your favorite thing you've gotten for free?
Wow, you're good if you guessed "Herman Miller Chair" for yesterday's #UberMystery Pic. Today: these aren't usually found in an office, but (HINT) the UberSocial HQ is next door to a @Forever21. Ready, set, guess! Tell us in the comments what you think this is!
If you guessed a soda tab as yesterday's #UberMystery Pic, you're #instagood! Leave a comment with your guesses for today's pic and maybe we'll give you a shoutout if you're one of the first to get it right!
Yesterday's #UberMystery pic was a clock hanging on the wall of our office. Can you guess what this one is? Come back tomorrow for one that's even trickier :)
Get to know the UberSocial Office this week. We'll give you 5 #UberMystery photos and you tell us what you think they are. Check tomorrow for the answer and #UberMystery pic #2!
The UberSocial team gathered to watch the Endeavour space shuttle do a flyover of our office. So #awesome! #spottheshuttle
Congrats to the last winner of the #myuberscreen contest, @plum12k12! Keep following us on Instagram for more fun contests and giveaways! See you later UberPhotogs!


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