Anthropic Principle

In this theory we have the Anthropic Principle because everything including life is based on the dynamic geometry of one universal process. This can be seen mathematically with many of the equations of modern physics having 2π or 4π representing the geometry of this process. In this theory 'time' is an emergent property with the future continuously coming into existence light photon by light photon with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment.  We have an interactive or participatory universe because the wave particle duality of light is acting like the bits or zeros and ones of a computer. This forms an interactive process continuously forming a blank canvas that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual! This theory explains a greater reality of one creative principle behind the laws of physics forming something like the sounding board of a musical instrument that resonates with the vibrations of one's own thoughts, efforts and actions! As an artist I am outside of the scientific community so any help you can give in promoting this theory will be gratefully welcomed please subscribe on YouTube, share and rate!
A scientific reason for the Anthropic Principle
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