At Asia professional business solution consulting group we work with you to find the right solution and identify exactly what services you require. Solutions will vary and understanding your needs is key and provides us with the focal point to provide the tailor made solution specific to you.

We pride ourselves in our nimble, flexible and mature approach which allows us to respond quickly and expertly and allied with the highest level of customer service APBS consulting group is well placed to deliver.

We are happy to consider one-off engagements or a long-term business relationships. We are confident in the fact the we can add value allied with the most efficient and cost effective manner available.

We live and operate in the real world and are acutely aware of the difficult economic times surrounding us. One of our core principals is to ensure that we cost our services realistically. We appreciate that value for money is of paramount importance and provide this. As a result we constantly view the market to see what similar services usually cost and we have set our prices accordingly.

Our fees are always competitive and transparent and are agreed in advance ensuring you can plan reliably for what lies ahead. Our minimal overhead costs ensure our fees are kept low and are not passed on to you unlike our competitors. You are therefore be confident that our fees are not only transparent but do truly represent value for money.

APBS consulting group maintains the quality of what we do through constant ongoing review with our clients, of all aims, activities, outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of every activity. We promote and encourage regular review meetings and provide regular progress reports.

Finally and importantly we conduct all of our business activities professionally and with complete integrity. Full confidentiality is maintained and assured.

Good solutions:

I recently hired APBSC Ltd. to help me incorporate a new company. I was unfamiliar with the process and they made it very simple for me. They provided me very rapidly with a research paper showing me all my options and the associated costs, then they guided me in my decision process. When I gave them the go-ahead they completed everything in record time and exactly to my specifications. They delivered exactly what they promised, and at a reasonable price. I’ll be working with APBSC Ltd. again and would recommend you do the same.

Matthew Kimberley



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