Associate to the router with wired or wireless access, open up your favorite web browser and enter:

in the address block and wait

You will get a download/save menu -save the file.You now have an encrypted rom-0 router configuration file. In kali-linux the file will be in the /root/downloads folder. For purposes here we moved all files referenced to root.

Now go to the following address and download a rom-o decoder:

This program is in C++. You must first compile it.

Open a terminal window. With your program in root type:

gcc -o Decoder RomDecoder.c

gcc will write an executeable file called Decoder from the RomDecoder.c file you just downloaded

Now to get your password: point the Decoder program at the router configuration file.

./Decoder rom-0

Wahlah - You may see your password below

There is nothing original here. MTeams just carried the work outlined in down the next logical step.Further reading and sources