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How to Retrieve TP-Link Router Password Instantly and Remotely

How to Retrieve TP-Link Router Password Instantly and Remotely

To access the password first download the routers backup configuration file.

Associate to the router with wired or wireless access, open up your favorite web browser and enter:

in the address block and wait

You will get a download/save menu -save the file.You now have an encrypted rom-0 router configuration file. In kali-linux the file will be in the /root/downloads folder. For purposes here we moved all files referenced to root.

Now go to the following address and download a rom-o decoder:

This program is in C++. You must first compile it.

Open a terminal window. With your program in root type:

gcc -o Decoder RomDecoder.c

gcc will write an executeable file called Decoder from the RomDecoder.c file you just downloaded

Now to get your password: point the Decoder program at the router configuration file.

./Decoder rom-0

Wahlah - You may see your password below

There is nothing original here. MTeams just carried the work outlined in down the next logical step.Further reading and sources



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