13 unknown facts about your penis your acquaintance

13 unknown facts about your penis your acquaintance

Fact №1

Smoking may reduce the length of your cock as much as a centimeter. The erection depends on blood flow, and smoking causes calcification of blood vessels, impeding blood flow during erections. So even if you do not care so much about your lungs and you're not afraid to die young, Quit in the name of manhood.

Fact №2

Doctors can use the foreskin after circumcision of infants for the restoration of the skin affected by burns. From one crop can be cultivated 23,000 sq. m skin.

Fact №3

Enlarged prostate can cause both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If you have had symptoms of one or the other, be sure to consult a doctor.

Fact №4

The average length of male orgasm is 6 seconds. Women - 23 seconds. If women really like to equality, it gave us four to orgasm each his own.

Fact №5

The oldest creature with a penis - Clam Colymbosathon ecplecticos, which in Greek means "amazing swimmer with large penis."Excellent contender for the title of the best name in the world of porn.

Fact №6

Cut off the foreskin may be extended again. Pull the skin from the base to the head and fixed with adhesive tape, then to put on plastic rings, caps and weight that will delay it. However, to build it back up, it takes years.

Fact №7

Only one of the 400 men can orally satisfy himself. But they say they are trying to all 400.

Fact №8

There are two types of penises. Penises of the first type during erection grow several times, and the penises of the second type are a little bit more. According to an international study conducted by Men's Health, penises of the first type have a 79% of men, the second - 21%.

Fact №9

According to German researchers, the average time duration of sexual intercourse is 2 minutes 50 seconds. Women, on average, argue that it is time - 5 minutes 30 seconds. (This is about the length of sexual intercourse, and not about the speed of orgasm). As well?Riddle, and only.

Fact №10

Mother Nature has provided you very multifunctional body. Your dick can not just throw out the sperm, but also "scrape" competitor's sperm. Then the size is still important. It is discovered by scientists from the University of New York, who used artificial organs to test the process of "scraping".

Fact №11

The most experienced member belonged, it seems, the king of the Kingdom of Tonga Fatefehi States in Polynesia. The champion like as deflowered 37,800 women in the period from 1770 to 1784 - about seven a day. Well, probably, be a king.

Fact №12

The brain is not involved in ejaculation. At all. All control is through the spinal cord. This is called "trick"!

Fact №13

The most common cause of penile tissue rupture - vigorous masturbation. But, apparently, the risk is worth it.

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