Make a bootable USB to install linux

Make a bootable USB to install linux

In this article I will guide you how to make a bootable USB to install linux in your system. This is the best and more easiest way to install linux. By this method you can install variety of linux like ubuntu, fedora, kali linux, arch linux and linuxmint etc.
First you will need the following before to make bootable USB.


1. A Iso burner Software application Unetbootin, download link is down below. If you are using windows, Mac or linux then you can download their respective version. It will only consume 6-7 MB space.
             Download UNetbootin
2. A ISO image of operating system that you want to install via bootable USB.

How to make bootable USB

Step 1. You need to install Unetbootin in your operating system and insert your USB into system.
Step 2. Once it installed, open the Unetbootin application.  It will looks like the image below.
unetbootinStep 3. There are two methods to make bootable USB via unetbootin application.
By selection Distribution button: You can select distribution and version of linux you want to install. After clicking the Ok  button it will download latest version of operating system which you want to install. And start to copy into USB. Then you don’t need a separate ISO image before making a bootable USB.
By selection Diskimage button: You will select ISO button to specify your linux OS image format. By default it is remains ISO. Second you need to select three dot button to give the path of your downloaded ISO image of linux in your system.
But personally I will suggest you to download separate ISO image of linux from its official site. Don’t use the distribution button.
Step 4. Select Type button to specify your installation media (USB / Hardisk)and Drive : button to specify your drive name. Them select OK button, It will formate your entire USB before installation. After installation is complete it will ask to reboot your system.
Your USB is now a bootable USB of linux which you want to install. Later you can check your USB drive contained the ISO image.


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