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Six Blackberry Priv Apps Launched On Google PlayStore

Six Blackberry Priv Apps Launched On Google PlayStore

Blackberry Priv has been a grossing topic all around the world for over a month. Blackberry has manufactured its first android phone and it has already got pre-orders in US, UK and Canada. Blackberry has pre launched some of its applications on the Google Play Store which are designed for Blackberry Priv.
Six of Blackberry Priv apps has been released on the Google Play Store. Blackberry Priv has not been officially launched but these apps, mentioned below have been globally launched on the PlayStore, this shows that blackberry is up with plans to launch some more Android phones.

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BlackBerry Launcher [21 MB]

BlackBerry Launcher allows you to turn your Android phone GUI to BlackBerry GUI. It has features such as large widgets displaying information on your home screen, keyboard shortcuts to launch apps or tasks, customize the look and feel of your phone and many more cool features.
Developer: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free

BlackBerry Camera

The BlackBerry has introduced all new camera for PRIV which is optimized for the Schneider-Kreuznach. It has some professional settings, filter effects, auto-focus, great clarity, shoots 4k videos, panorama selfie, live filters and many more.
Developer: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free

BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry keyboard gives your freedom to choose between virtual touch screen keyboard or a physical keyboard with high speed and accuracy. It gives you precise control. It has an intelligent in-out engine which suggests you words which you type often. Gives shortcuts to user defined words and many such amazing features.
Developer: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free

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DTEK by BlackBerry

DTEK by BlackBerry allows you to view and improve your privacy level and lets you monitor apps. You can look over your camera, microphone, location and personal info. You can control all these with DTEK by BlackBerry.
Developer: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free

Password Keeper

The BlackBerry Password Keeper app allows you to keep all your password and login details safe and secure. It allows you to record all your private information at one stop. Your information is encrypted using AES-256 and is protected by a single password. It allows you to create, edit, delete records even mark your favorite records.
BlackBerry Priv Password Keeper
BlackBerry Priv Password Keeper
This is a smart move by the company, people will not have to wait for the update and they
will be able to download it from the Play Store. These apps are exclusively available
for Blackberyy Priv and for now no other device can download and install it. However in
some months apps might be made available for Motorola, HTC and many other companies.

BlackBerry Services

BlackBerry Services is a prerequisite app which is basic foundation of all your BlackBerry apps. Provides security and improved productivity. Gives a consistent experience in all the applications.
Developer: BlackBerry Limited
Price: Free


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