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Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements

Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements   In  article detailing the command line utilities available for configuring and troubleshooting network properties on Windows and Linux, I mentioned some Linux tools that, while still included and functional in many Linux distributions, are actually considered deprecated and therefore should be phased out in favor of more modern replacements. Specifically, the deprecated Linux networking commands in question are: arp , ifconfig ,  iptunnel , iwconfig , nameif , netstat , and route . These programs (except iwconfig ) are included in the net-tools package that has been unmaintained for years. The functionality provided by several of these utilities has been reproduced and improved in the new iproute2 suite, primarily by using its new ip command. The iproute2 software code is available from . Iproute2 documentation is available from the Linux Foundation and . Deprecated comm