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win 10 open cmd in folder

type cmd on address bar on explorer 

network settings

 Manual $NET_IF= ls /sys/class/net ip link set ${NET_IF} up ip addr add ${HOST_IPV4} / ${SUBNETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST} dev ${NET_IF} ip route add default via ${GATEWAY} echo " nameserver ${NAMESERVER} " > /etc/resolv.conf   ip addr flush dev ${NET_IF} Automatic opts= " -h noleak -i noleak -v ,noleak -I noleak " dhcpcd ${opts} -i ${NET_IF} wpa_supplicant: wpa_passphrase " ${WLAN_SSID} " " ${WLAN_PASSPHRASE} " > ${wpasup}  wpa_supplicant -B -c ${wpasup} -i ${NET_IF}                         dhcpcd ${dhcp_opts} -i ${NET_IF}     

get available network interface

ls /sys/class/net


localectl list-keymaps localectl set-keymap --no-conver " us "  

anaconda copy to other disk fix

qt.conf adjust paths 

window class info


code  error  pacman -S gconf "telemetry.enableTelemetry" : false , "workbench.startupEditor" : "newUntitledFile"

update time nist server

sudo ntpdate -s

cygwin vscode config usersettings

{ "" : "C: \\ Apps \\ cygwin \\ bin \\ bash.exe " , "git.path" : "C://Apps//cygwin//bin//git.exe" , "" :{ "CHERE_INVOKING" : "1" }, "files.autoSave" : "afterDelay" , "" : [ "-l" ], }

android studio fix

yaourt android-studio makedepends=('unzip') depends=('alsa-lib' 'freetype2' 'libxrender' 'libxtst') optdepends=('gtk2: GTK+ look and feel'             'libgl: emulator support') or get zip file from official site   # Install the application   install -d $pkgdir/{opt/$pkgname,usr/bin}   cp -a bin gradle lib jre plugins $pkgdir/opt/$pkgname   ln -s /opt/android-studio/bin/ $pkgdir/usr/bin/$pkgname   # Add the icon and desktop file   install -Dm644 bin/studio.png $pkgdir/usr/share/pixmaps/$pkgname.png   install -Dm644 $srcdir/$pkgname.desktop $pkgdir/usr/share/applications/$pkgname.desktop #permission fix   chmod -R ugo+rX $pkgdir/opt    }

tmpfs increase space for compiling

mount -o remount,size=4G,noatime /tmp  cat /proc/mount