XTerm*utf8: 1
! disable bold font faces, instead make text light blue.
XTerm.vt100.colorBDMode: true
XTerm.vt100.colorBD: rgb:82/a4/d3
! disable underlined text, instead make it white.
XTerm.vt100.colorULMode: true
XTerm.vt100.colorUL: rgb:e4/e4/e4
! similarly use colorIT for italics
XTerm.scaleHeight: 1.01

XTerm.vt100.backarrowKey: false
XTerm.ttyModes: erase ^?

*background: rgb:00/00/00
*foreground: rgb:ff/ff/ff
*color0:     rgb:00/00/00
*color1:     rgb:d3/62/65
*color2:     rgb:ae/ce/91
*color3:     rgb:e7/e1/8c
*color4:     rgb:7a/7a/b0
*color5:     rgb:96/3c/59
*color6:     rgb:41/81/79
*color7:     rgb:be/be/be
*color8:     rgb:66/66/66
*color9:     rgb:ef/81/71
*color10:    rgb:e5/f7/79
*color11:    rgb:ff/f7/96
*color12:    rgb:41/86/be
*color13:    rgb:ef/9e/be
*color14:    rgb:71/be/be
*color15:    rgb:ff/ff/ff

XTerm*pointerColor: white
XTerm*pointerColorBackground: black
XTerm*cursorColor: yellow
XTerm*cursorBlink: true

xterm*VT100.Translations: #override \
                 Ctrl Shift V:    insert-selection(CLIPBOARD) \n\
                 Ctrl Shift C:    copy-selection(CLIPBOARD)

XTerm*SaveLines: 9000

how to peel a egg raw

Experiment no 1: to make egg shell disasppear materials needed : white vinegar,egg,glass jar, lid procedure: 1.  Add egg to glass jar. ...