ntfs hidden files

 $Extend           A directory: $ObjId, $Quota, $Reparse, $UsnJrnl






    $ObjId       Unique Ids given to every file

    $Quota      Quota information

    $Reparse    Reparse point information

    $u=UsnJrnl  Journalling of Encryption

$AttrDef        Attribute definitions

$BadClus       Lists bad clusters on the volume

$Bitmap         Contains volume's cluster map (in-use vs. free)

$Boot             Boot record of the volume

$LogFile        Transactional logging file

$MFT             Master File Table - An index of every file

$MFTMirr      A backup copy of the first 4 records of the MFT

$Secure           Security descriptors used by the volume

$UpCase         Table of uppercase characters used for collating

$Volume         Serial number, creation time, dirty flag

legend :

blue= folder

black= files

src:: https://flatcap.org/linux-ntfs/ntfs/files/index.html



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