time date format linux shell


Date Format OptionMeaningExample Output
date +%clocale’s date timeSat May 9 11:49:47 2020
date +%xlocale’s date05/09/20
date +%Xlocale’s time11:49:47
date +%Alocale’s full weekday nameSaturday
date +%Blocale’s full month nameMay
date +%m-%d-%YMM-DD-YYYY date format05-09-2020
date +%DMM/DD/YY date format05/09/20
date +%FYYYY-MM-DD date format2020-05-09
date +%THH:MM:SS time format11:44:15
date +%uDay of Week6
date +%UWeek of Year with Sunday as first day of week18
date +%VISO Week of Year with Monday as first day of week19
date +%jDay of Year130
date +%ZTimezonePDT
date +%mMonth of year (MM)05
date +%dDay of Month (DD)09
date +%YYear (YY)2020
date +%HHour (HH)11
date +%HHour (HH) in 24-hour clock format11
date +%IHour in 12-hour clock format11
date +%plocale’s equivalent of AM or PMAM
date +%Psame as %p but in lower caseam


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