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 pacman -S cmus

adding music

Press 5 to switch to the file-browser view.To add music to your cmus library, use the arrow keys to highlight a file or folder, and press a.

playing music

Press 2 to go to the simple library Enter to play it. Here's some keys to control play:

Press c to pause/unpause Press right/left to seek by 10 seconds Press </ > seek by one minute 

Press m to cycle through the different options for this setting. To the right of that (past the "|") cmus shows the state of three toggles. Only toggles which are "on" are shown, so now we only see the C. Here are the toggles:

If this is off, cmus will always stop at the end of the track. You can toggle this setting by pressing shift-C. [R]epeat
If this is on (and continue is on), when cmus reaches the end of the group of tracks you're playing (selected with the m key) it will start again from the beginning. Press r to toggle this setting. [S]huffle
If this is on, cmus will choose a random order to play all the tracks once. Press s to toggle this option. 

        There are 7 views in cmus. Press keys 1-7 to change active view.

Library view (1)
              Displays all tracks in the library. Tracks are sorted and displayed in a tree grouped by artist/album. Artist
              sorting is done alphabetically. Albums are sorted by year.

       Sorted library view (2)
              Displays the same content as view 1, but as a simple list automatically sorted by user criteria.

       Playlist view (3)
              Displays editable playlists with optional sorting.

       Play Queue view (4)
              Displays upcoming tracks. These tracks are played before anything else (i.e. the playlist or library). Once the
              queue is empty, playback will resume from the last position in the library.

       Browser (5)
              Displays the directory browser. In this view, music from the filesystem can be added to the library, active
              playlist, or queue.

       Filters view (6)
              Lists user-defined filters.

       Settings view (7)
              Lists keybindings, unbound commands and options. Remove bindings with D or del, change bindings and variables with
              enter, and toggle variables with space.

       Everything in cmus is implemented as commands which can be typed at command line or bound to a key. To enter command mode
       type :. To execute a command, press ENTER, and to cancel, press ESC or CTRL-C. Use up/down arrows to browse the command
       history. Use TAB to complete commands and parameters. You don't need to type full command name if it is unambiguous (no
       other commands starting with the same characters).


              # add files, short for ':add ~/music'
              :a ~/music

              # change output plugin
              :set output_plugin=oss

              # start playing
              # you could just press 'x' which is the default
              # binding for this command

              # clear current view (library, playlist or play queue)
       Search mode works like the command mode. To enter search mode, press / and type the query then press ENTER. Press n to move
       to the next result or N for the previous one. Type ? to search backwards.

       In views 1-4 the query is matched against the artist, album and title tags. Type //WORDS or ??WORDS to search only
       artists/albums in view 1 and only titles in views 2-4. If the file doesn't have tags, words are compared to the filename
       excluding the path.Searching also works in views 5-7.

   Selecting Tracks
       Editing commands affect the currently marked tracks. If there are no marked tracks, the currently selected track (or
       selected artist/album in view 1) is used.

       To mark the selected track, press SPACE. Marked tracks appear with a gray background. You can only mark tracks in the list
       views (2-4).

   Copying Tracks Between Views
       You can copy marked or selected tracks in views 1-5.

       a      copy tracks to the library (1-2)

       y      copy tracks to the marked playlist (3)

       e      append tracks to the play queue (4)

       E      prepend tracks to the play queue (4)

   Moving Tracks
       In views 2-4, tracks can be moved within the list. Note that moving is disabled if the view is auto-sorted (see lib_sort
       and pl_sort options).

       Pressing p moves marked tracks to the position immediately after the selected track. P moves them to the position
       immediately before the selected track. If there are no marked tracks, the selected track is moved down (p) or up (P).

       Note that changing active filters in view 2 reloads it, losing any changes made to the track order.

   Removing Tracks
       Press D or delete to remove the marked or selected tracks in the current view (1-4). The tracks will be removed immediately
       from the view without asking for confirmation. In the browser and filters views, the same keys are used to remove a file or
       filter after asking for confirmation.

       The right hand side of the status line (second row from the bottom, black text on a grey background) consists of the
       following fields:

       aaa_mode & play_sorted & play_library | continue follow repeat shuffle

       NOTE: aaa_mode and play_sorted will be only displayed if play_library is true because these are meaningless when playing
       the playlists (view 3).

       Pressing m, o, M, C, r and s should make it easier to understand what these fields mean.

       See CONFIGURATION OPTIONS section for more information about these options.

       Here's list of default keybindings. To change them, see the unbind and bind commands in the COMMANDS section.

   Common: Playback
       b                       player-next
       c                       player-pause
       x                       player-play
       z                       player-prev
       v                       player-stop

       ]                       vol +0 +1%
       [                       vol +1% +0
       +                       vol +10%
       =                       vol +10%
       }                       vol -0 -1%
       {                       vol -1% -0
       -                       vol -10%

       ,                       seek -1m
       .                       seek +1m

       h                       seek -5
       l                       seek +5

       left                    seek -5
       right                   seek +5

       mlb_click_bar           player-pause
       mouse_scroll_up_bar     seek +5
       mouse_scroll_down_bar   seek -5

   Common: Setting Toggles
       m                       toggle aaa_mode
       C                       toggle continue
       M                       toggle play_library
       o                       toggle play_sorted
       r                       toggle repeat
       ^R                      toggle repeat_current
       t                       toggle show_remaining_time
       s                       toggle shuffle
       f                       toggle follow

   Common: Commands
       q                       quit -i
       ^C                      echo Type :quit<enter> to exit cmus.
       I                       echo {}

       !                       push shell<space>

   Common: View/Window Navigation
       1                       view tree
       2                       view sorted
       3                       view playlist
       4                       view queue
       5                       view browser
       6                       view filters
       7                       view settings

       mouse_scroll_up_title   left-view
       mouse_scroll_down_title right-view

       tab                     win-next
  ^L                      refresh

   Common: Navigation
       ^Y                      win-scroll-up
       ^E                      win-scroll-down
       ^B                      win-page-up
       ^F                      win-page-down
       ^U                      win-half-page-up
       ^D                      win-half-page-down

       k                       win-up
       j                       win-down
       g                       win-top
       G                       win-bottom

       up                      win-up
       down                    win-down
       home                    win-top
       end                     win-bottom
       page_up                 win-page-up
       page_down               win-page-down

       mouse_scroll_up         win-up
       mouse_scroll_down       win-down

   Common: Selection
       i                       win-sel-cur
       enter                   win-activate
       mlb_click_selected      win-activate

       space                   win-toggle
       D                       win-remove
       delete                  win-remove
       p                       win-mv-after
       P                       win-mv-before

       E                       win-add-Q
       a                       win-add-l
       y                       win-add-p
       e                       win-add-q

       u                       update-cache
       U                       win-update-cache

   Common: Filters
       /                       search-start
       ?                       search-b-start
       n                       search-next
       N                       search-prev

       F                       push filter<space>
       L                       push live-filter<space>

   File Browser
       space                   win-activate
       backspace               browser-up
       i                       toggle show_hidden
       u                       win-update

       The library view (the tree-like one; not the sorted library view, which is configured with lib_sort - see CONFIGURATION
       OPTIONS), is sorted automatically using tags from the audio files.

       Note: Albums which feature various artists (e.g. samplers or compilations) are treated specially. If an album artist tag or
       the ID3v2 TPE2 frame is set, it will be used instead of the real artist name. Otherwise, cmus determines if the album is a
       compilation (if albumartist or artist are set to Various Artists, Various, VA, or V/A; or if compilation or
       partofacompilation are set to a truthy value; or if the ID3v2 TCMP frame is set). If so, the artist is named <Various

       Note: If the filename is a URL, the artist/album tags are set to <Stream>. If it is a file, cmus sets the artist and/or
       album tags to <No Name> if they are not already set. These names will be treated the same way as other names for sorting.

       In general, three levels of sorting are used in the library view: the artist name, then the album, and finally the track

       First, cmus sorts alphanumerically by the value of the artist tag. If a special sorting tag is available, its value will be
       used instead.

       Next, cmus sorts by the album. Tracks are grouped by the album name, and the groups are sorted by the date of the first
       track, then alphanumerically by the name of the album. If the date header is not set, the album will be placed on top of
       the list.

       Finally, each album is sorted by the track discnumber, tracknumber, then filename (not the track name).

       This section describes cmus' commands, which can be bound to keys and mouse events, put in configuration files, executed in
       command mode, or passed to cmus-remote.

       Optional parameters are in [brackets], required parameters in <angle brackets> and default key bindings are

       add [-l] [-p] [-q] [-Q] <file|dir|url|playlist>
              Adds file/dir/url/playlist to the specified view or the current view.

              -l     add to library

              -p     add to playlist

              -q     add play queue

              -Q     prepend to play queue

              Supported files are based on the loaded input plugins.

              Supported URLs: Shoutcast (http://...), CDDA (cdda://...).

              Supported playlist types: plain, .m3u, .pls.


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