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fedora minimal rootfs via container image

container image install



 7z x Fedora-Container-Minimal-Base-37-1.7.x86_64.tar.xz

7z x  Fedora-Container-Minimal-Base-37-1.7.x86_64.tar

cd 49107e6da2551f27fe73cfa91d821b9a072ea9f66d0e02b55b2fc0c488da9d46/

7z x layer.tar

mkfs.btrfs /dev/nvme0n1p6

mount -o compress=zstd /dev/nvme0n1p6 /mnt



doas mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev
doas mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys
doas mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc
doas chroot /mnt /bin/bash
 #chroot layer


cat  /mnt/etc/dnf/dnf.conf

# see `man dnf.conf` for defaults and possible options


dnf5 install systemd htop neofetch nano nnn btrfs-progs zstd

 dnf5 install iwd openresolv  binutils


/etc/kernel/cmdline is not used when generating Unified Kernel Images with Dracut! This file is used by kernel-install
 to write a kernel command line setting to the bootloader configuration.
 When using Unified Kernel Images the kernel command line is not 
specified by the bootloader, instead it is embedded in the image. This 
embedded kernel command line is set by the kernel_cmdline Dracut configuration parameter.



cat /mnt/etc/dracut.conf

# PUT YOUR CONFIG IN separate files
# in /etc/dracut.conf.d named "<name>.conf"
# SEE man dracut.conf(5) for options
kernel_cmdline="rd.driver.pre=btrfs root=UUID=cd753a70-e9c8-4958-8528-6e6f9e8cc951 rootfstype=btrfs rootflags=rw,noatime,compress=zstd:3,ssd,space_cache=v2,subvolid=5,subvol=/ "

dracut -fv --kver 6.1.9-200.fc37.x86_64



To use a PKCS11 URI instead of a plain key file: 


As of sys-apps/systemd version 254, the ukify kernel-install plugin can be used to generate the unified kernel image. To configure kernel-install to use it:














cmdline is read from





 cat /mnt/etc/fstab | wl-copy

UUID=cd753a70-e9c8-4958-8528-6e6f9e8cc951 / btrfs  rw,noatime,compress=zstd:3,ssd,space_cache=v2,subvolid=5,subvol=/ 0 0
UUID=c07e8288-4181-4ee2-ac76-fddd049d00f1  /home ext4 rw,noatime 0 0


dnf5 install audit zram-generator-defaults  iproute selinux-policy-targeted fedora-repos-modular mandoc/

 less  intel-media-driver tpm2-tss tpm2 file mpv e2fsprogs fwupd udisks ntfs-3g


sudo dracut --force --verbose

sudo fixfiles onboot

 sudo dnf group update core



dmesg | grep -i -e type=1300 -e type=1400

dmesg | grep -i -e type=1300 -e type=1400   

setup users  

microdnf install passwd


adduser kai

passwd kai

install some package

microdnf install iproute systemd-resolved foot  foot-terminfo sway polkit   pipewire i3blocks  pavucontrol pipewire-pulseaudio dbus-x11 xdg-desktop-portal-wlr bash-completion


systemctl --user enable pipewire-pulse.socket

systemctl --user enable wireplumber

dnf5 swap fedora-release-identity-OLD fedora-release-identity-NEW


>sudo dnf5 swap fedora-release-identity-container fedora-release-identity-basic


cat /root/anaconda-ks.cfg
# Set install langs macro so that new rpms that get installed will
# only install langs that we limit it to.
echo "%_install_langs $LANG" > /etc/rpm/macros.image-language-conf

releasever=$(rpm --eval '%{?fedora}')
rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-$releasever-primary

setup network





add user to wheel /netdev group to use iwctl  without root

usermod -aG wheel kai

extra codecs/ rpmfusion

for ffmpeg , mpv and intel-media-driver

nonfree rpmfusion has intel media driver   (ihd)

 sudo dnf5 install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
sudo dnf5 install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

dnf5 install  libva libva-utils intel-media-driver ffmpeg intel-gpu-tools  mesa-dri-drivers  intel-gpu-tools

dnf5 install deltarpm

 nano /etc/rpm/rpm.conf



deploy using dracut sbsign

secureboot dracut

       uefi_splash_image="<file>"  bmp

       uefi_secureboot_cert="<file>", uefi_secureboot_key="<file>"





sudo dnf install sbsigntools

cat /etc/dracut.conf

kernel_cmdline="rd.driver.pre=btrfs root=UUID=9ead9154-c36e-40a1-989a-5f44052220f7 rootfstype=btrfs rootflags=rw,noatime,compress=zstd quiet"

 generate and deploy keys using sbctl create-keys and enroll-keys


sbsign --key db.key --cert db.crt --output /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/KeyTool.efi /usr/share/efitools/efi/KeyTool.efi  


sbverify --cert custom_config/db.crt /boot/vmlinuz-6.3.4-gentoo-r1-initramfs.signed 

sbverify --cert /usr/share/secureboot/keys/db/db.pem /efi/gentoo.efi 


sbverify --list /boot/vmlinuz-6.3.4-gentoo-r1-initramfs.signed

sbverify --list /efi/EFI/Linux/linux-6.5.5-200.fc38.x86_64-9bf809c7451f4ac9b811cf4eefb46cab.efi
signature 1
image signature issuers:
 - /C=Database Key/CN=Database Key
image signature certificates:
 - subject: /C=Database Key/CN=Database Key
   issuer:  /C=Database Key/CN=Database Key


grep -m 1 family /proc/cpuinfo
cpu family    : 6

grep -m 1 model /proc/cpuinfo
model        : 126

 grep -m 1 stepping  /proc/cpuinfo
stepping    : 5

printf "%x" 126

    The corresponding microcode file is 06-7e-05 located in /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/ (values in hexadecimal).

you can also get it using

lscpu | grep -e -e Model: -e Stepping: |               awk '{printf("%02x\n", $NF)}' | sed ':a;N;s/\n/-/;ta'

find corresponding microcode file in

mine is

doas mkdir  /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/

cd  /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/

doas curl -O

doas dracut -v
dracut will auto generate early loading microcode img

reboot and test

dmesg | grep microcode
[    0.000000] microcode: microcode updated early to revision 0xb6, date = 2022-08-02
[    0.414091] microcode: sig=0x706e5, pf=0x80, revision=0xb6
[    0.414105] microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.

new dnf5


Software Management Commands:            
  install                                Install software
  upgrade                                Upgrade software
  remove                                 Remove (uninstall) software
  distro-sync                            Upgrade or downgrade installed software to the latest available versions
  downgrade                              Downgrade software
  reinstall                              Reinstall software
  swap                                   Remove software and install another in one transaction
  mark                                   Change the reason of an installed package
  autoremove                             Remove all unneeded packages originally installed as dependencies.
  check-upgrade                          Check for available package upgrades
Query Commands:                          
  leaves                                 List groups of installed packages not required by other installed packages
  repoquery                              Search for packages matching various criteria
  search                                 Search for software matching all specified strings
  list                                   Lists packages depending on the packages' relation to the system
  info                                   Lists packages depending on the packages' relation to the system
  group                                  Manage comps groups
  environment                            Manage comps environments
  module                                 Manage modules
  history                                Manage transaction history
  repo                                   Manage repositories
  advisory                               Manage advisories
Compatibility Aliases:                   
  check-update                           Alias for 'check-upgrade'
  dg                                     Alias for 'downgrade'
  dsync                                  Alias for 'distro-sync'
  grp                                    Alias for 'group'
  in                                     Alias for 'install'
  ls                                     Alias for 'list'
  rei                                    Alias for 'reinstall'
  repoinfo                               Alias for 'repo info'
  repolist                               Alias for 'repo list'
  rm                                     Alias for 'remove'
  rq                                     Alias for 'repoquery'
  up                                     Alias for 'upgrade'
  update                                 Alias for 'upgrade'
  updateinfo                             Alias for 'advisory'
  upgrade-minimal                        Alias for 'upgrade --minimal'
  clean                                  Remove or expire cached data
  download                               Download software to the current directory
  makecache                              Generate the metadata cache
Global options:                          
  -h, --help                             Print help
  --config=CONFIG_FILE_PATH              Configuration file location
  -q, --quiet                            In combination with a non-interactive command, shows just the relevant content. Suppresses messages notifying about the current state or actions of dnf
  -C, --cacheonly                        Run entirely from system cache, don't update the cache and use it even in case it is expired.
  --refresh                              Force refreshing metadata before running the command.
  --repofrompath=REPO_ID,REPO_PATH       create additional repository using id and path
  --setopt=[REPO_ID.]OPTION=VALUE        set arbitrary config and repo options
  --setvar=VAR_NAME=VALUE                set arbitrary variable
  -y, --assumeyes                        automatically answer yes for all questions
  --assumeno                             automatically answer no for all questions
  --best                                 try the best available package versions in transactions
  --no-best                              do not limit the transaction to the best candidate
  --no-docs                              Don't install files that are marked as documentation (which includes man pages and texinfo documents)
  -x package,..., --exclude=package,...  exclude packages by name or glob
  --enable-repo=REPO_ID,...              Enable additional repositories. List option. Supports globs, can be specified multiple times.
  --disable-repo=REPO_ID,...             Disable repositories. List option. Supports globs, can be specified multiple times.
  --repo=REPO_ID,...                     Enable just specific repositories. List option. Supports globs, can be specified multiple times.
  --no-gpgchecks                         disable gpg signature checking (if RPM policy allows)
  --no-plugins                           disable all plugins
  --enable-plugin=PLUGIN_NAME,...        Enable plugins by name. List option. Supports globs, can be specified multiple times.
  --disable-plugin=PLUGIN_NAME,...       Disable plugins by name. List option. Supports globs, can be specified multiple times.
  --comment=COMMENT                      add a comment to transaction
  --installroot=ABSOLUTE_PATH            set install root
  --use-host-config                      use configuration, reposdir, and vars from the host system rather than the installroot
  --releasever=RELEASEVER                override the value of $releasever in config and repo files
  --debugsolver                          Dump detailed solving results into files
  --version                              Show DNF5 version and exit
Options Compatibility aliases:           
  --nobest                               Alias for '--no-best'
  --nodocs                               Alias for '--no-docs'
  --enablerepo=REPO_ID,...               Alias for '--enable-repo'
  --disablerepo=REPO_ID,...              Alias for '--disable-repo'
  --repoid=REPO_ID,...                   Alias for '--repo'
  --nogpgcheck                           Alias for '--no-gpgchecks'
  --noplugins                            Alias for '--no-plugins'
  --enableplugin=PLUGIN_NAME,...         Alias for '--enable-plugin'
  --disableplugin=PLUGIN_NAME,...        Alias for '--disable-plugin' 


sudo dnf5 group list --available *desktop
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
ID                           Name                              Installed
basic-desktop                Basic Desktop                            no
budgie-desktop               Budgie                                   no
cinnamon-desktop             Cinnamon                                 no
critical-path-deepin-desktop Critical Path (Deepin desktop)           no
deepin-desktop               Deepin Desktop Environment               no
deepin-desktop-media         Media packages for Deepin Desktop        no
enlightenment-desktop        Enlightenment                            no
gnome-desktop                GNOME Desktop Environment                no
gnome-games                  Extra games for the GNOME Desktop        no
kde-desktop                  KDE (K Desktop Environment)              no
lxde-apps                    Applications for the LXDE Desktop        no
lxde-desktop                 LXDE                                     no
lxqt-apps                    Applications for the LXQt Desktop        no
lxqt-desktop                 LXQt                                     no
mate-desktop                 MATE                                     no
phosh-desktop                A phone/tablet UX environment            no
sugar-desktop                Sugar Desktop Environment                no
xfce-apps                    Applications for the Xfce Desktop        no
xfce-desktop                 Xfce                                     no



 sudo dnf5 group info core
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Id                   : core
Name                 : Core
Description          : Smallest possible installation
Installed            : no
Order                :
Langonly             :
Uservisible          : no
Repositories         : fedora, rpmfusion-free, rpmfusion-free-updates, rpmfusion-nonfree, rpmfusion-nonfree-updates, updates
Mandatory packages   : audit
                     : basesystem
                     : bash
                     : coreutils
                     : curl
                     : dhcp-client
                     : dnf
                     : e2fsprogs
                     : filesystem
                     : glibc
                     : grubby
                     : hostname
                     : iproute
                     : iputils
                     : kbd
                     : less
                     : man-db
                     : ncurses
                     : openssh-clients
                     : openssh-server
                     : parted
                     : passwd
                     : policycoreutils
                     : procps-ng
                     : rootfiles
                     : rpm
                     : selinux-policy-targeted
                     : setup
                     : shadow-utils
                     : sssd-common
                     : sssd-kcm
                     : sudo
                     : systemd
                     : util-linux
                     : vim-minimal
                     : yum
Default packages     : NetworkManager
                     : dnf-plugins-core
                     : dracut-config-rescue
                     : fedora-repos-modular
                     : firewalld
                     : fwupd
                     : plymouth
                     : systemd-resolved
                     : zram-generator-defaults
Optional packages    : dracut-config-generic
                     : initial-setup
                     : initscripts


 >sudo dnf5 search fedora-release-identity-\*

fedora-release-identity-basic.noarch: Package providing the basic Fedora identity
 fedora-release-identity-budgie.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Budgie Spin
 fedora-release-identity-cinnamon.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Cinnamon Spin
 fedora-release-identity-cloud.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Cloud Edition
 fedora-release-identity-compneuro.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Comp Neuro Lab
 fedora-release-identity-container.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Container Base Image
 fedora-release-identity-coreos.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora CoreOS
 fedora-release-identity-designsuite.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Design Suite Lab
 fedora-release-identity-i3.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora i3 Spin
 fedora-release-identity-iot.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora IoT Edition
 fedora-release-identity-kde.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora KDE Plasma Spin
 fedora-release-identity-kinoite.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Kinoite
 fedora-release-identity-lxqt.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora LXQt Spin
 fedora-release-identity-matecompiz.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora MATE-Compiz Spin
 fedora-release-identity-sericea.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Sericea
 fedora-release-identity-server.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Server Edition
 fedora-release-identity-silverblue.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Silverblue
 fedora-release-identity-snappy.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Snappy environments
 fedora-release-identity-soas.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Sugar on a Stick
 fedora-release-identity-sway.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Sway Spin
 fedora-release-identity-workstation.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Workstation Edition
 fedora-release-identity-xfce.noarch: Package providing the identity for Fedora Xfce Spin


sudo dnf5  group list
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
ID                          Name                                        Installed
3d-printing                 3D Printing                                        no
admin-tools                 Administration Tools                               no
audio                       Audio Production                                   no
authoring-and-publishing    Authoring and Publishing                           no
budgie-desktop              Budgie                                             no
budgie-desktop-apps         Budgie Desktop Applications                        no
c-development               C Development Tools and Libraries                  no
cloud-infrastructure        Cloud Infrastructure                               no
cloud-management            Cloud Management Tools                             no
compiz                      Compiz                                             no
container-management        Container Management                               no
d-development               D Development Tools and Libraries                  no
design-suite                Design Suite                                       no
development-tools           Development Tools                                  no
domain-client               Domain Membership                                  no
editors                     Editors                                            no
education                   Educational Software                               no
electronic-lab              Electronic Lab                                     no
engineering-and-scientific  Engineering and Scientific                         no
freeipa-server              FreeIPA Server                                     no
games                       Games and Entertainment                            no
headless-management         Headless Management                                no
libreoffice                 LibreOffice                                        no
mate-applications           MATE Applications                                  no
milkymist                   Milkymist                                          no
network-server              Network Servers                                    no
neuron-modelling-simulators Neuron Modelling Simulators                        no
office                      Office/Productivity                                no
python-classroom            Python Classroom                                   no
python-science              Python Science                                     no
robotics-suite              Robotics                                           no
rpm-development-tools       RPM Development Tools                              no
security-lab                Security Lab                                       no
sound-and-video             Sound and Video                                    no
swaywm-extended             Sway Window Manager (supplemental packages)        no
system-tools                System Tools                                       no
text-internet               Text-based Internet                                no
window-managers             Window Managers                                    no


 sudo dnf5 group info window-managers
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Id                   : window-managers
Name                 : Window Managers
Description          : Simple window managers that aren't part of a larger desktop environment.
Installed            : no
Order                :
Langonly             :
Uservisible          : yes
Repositories         : fedora, updates
Optional packages    : WindowMaker
                     : bbkeys
                     : blackbox
                     : fluxbox
                     : fvwm
                     : i3
                     : i3-doc
                     : i3lock
                     : i3status
                     : icewm
                     : matchbox-window-manager
                     : obconf
                     : openbox
                     : ratpoison
                     : wmx
                     : xcompmgr
                     : xmonad
                     : xmonad-mate


 sudo dnf5 group info swaywm-extended
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Id                   : swaywm-extended
Name                 : Sway Window Manager (supplemental packages)
Description          : Sway is a tiling window manager supporting Wayland compositor protocol and i3-compatible configuration. This group includes additional set of packages for Fedora Sway spin.
Installed            : no
Order                :
Langonly             :
Uservisible          : yes
Repositories         : fedora, updates
Mandatory packages   : sway-config-fedora
Default packages     : NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-pptp-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-sstp-gnome
                     : NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome
                     : Thunar
                     : blueman
                     : bolt
                     : fprintd-pam
                     : gnome-keyring-pam
                     : imv
                     : kanshi
                     : lxqt-policykit
                     : mpv
                     : network-manager-applet
                     : pavucontrol
                     : pinentry-gnome3
                     : playerctl
                     : plymouth-system-theme
                     : pulseaudio-utils
                     : sddm
                     : sddm-x11
                     : system-config-printer
                     : thunar-archive-plugin
                     : wev
                     : wl-clipboard
                     : xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

 dnf5  group list --hidden
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
ID                           Name                                        Installed
3d-printing                  3D Printing                                        no
admin-tools                  Administration Tools                               no
anaconda-tools               Anaconda tools                                     no
audio                        Audio Production                                   no
authoring-and-publishing     Authoring and Publishing                           no
base-x                       base-x                                             no
basic-desktop                Basic Desktop                                      no
budgie-desktop               Budgie                                             no
budgie-desktop-apps          Budgie Desktop Applications                        no
buildsys-build               Buildsystem building group                         no
c-development                C Development Tools and Libraries                  no
cinnamon-desktop             Cinnamon                                           no
cloud-bootloader-tools       Bootloader tools for Cloud images                  no
cloud-infrastructure         Cloud Infrastructure                               no
cloud-management             Cloud Management Tools                             no
cloud-server                 Cloud Server Tools                                 no
compiz                       Compiz                                             no
container-management         Container Management                               no
core                         Core                                               no
critical-path-anaconda       Critical Path (anaconda)                           no
critical-path-apps           Critical Path (Applications)                       no
critical-path-base           Critical Path (Base)                               no
critical-path-build          Critical Path (Build)                              no
critical-path-compose        Critical Path (Compose)                            no
critical-path-deepin-desktop Critical Path (Deepin desktop)                     no
critical-path-gnome          Critical Path (GNOME)                              no
critical-path-kde            Critical Path (KDE)                                no
critical-path-lxde           Critical Path (LXDE)                               no
critical-path-lxqt           Critical Path (LXQt)                               no
critical-path-server         Critical Path (Server)                             no
critical-path-standard       Critical Path (standard)                           no
critical-path-xfce           Critical Path (Xfce)                               no
d-development                D Development Tools and Libraries                  no
deepin-desktop               Deepin Desktop Environment                         no
deepin-desktop-apps          Deepin Desktop Applications                        no
deepin-desktop-media         Media packages for Deepin Desktop                  no
deepin-desktop-office        Deepin Desktop Office                              no
design-suite                 Design Suite                                       no
development-libs             Development Libraries                              no
development-tools            Development Tools                                  no
dial-up                      Dial-up Networking Support                         no
directory-server             Directory Server                                   no
dns-server                   DNS Name Server                                    no
dogtag                       Dogtag Certificate System                          no
domain-client                Domain Membership                                  no
editors                      Editors                                            no
education                    Educational Software                               no
electronic-lab               Electronic Lab                                     no
engineering-and-scientific   Engineering and Scientific                         no
enlightenment-desktop        Enlightenment                                      no
fedora-packager              Fedora Packager                                    no
firefox                      Firefox Web Browser                                no
font-design                  Font design and packaging                          no
fonts                        Fonts                                              no
freeipa-server               FreeIPA Server                                     no
ftp-server                   FTP Server                                         no
games                        Games and Entertainment                            no
gnome-desktop                GNOME                                              no
gnome-games                  Extra games for the GNOME Desktop                  no
gnome-software-development   GNOME Software Development                         no
graphical-internet           Graphical Internet                                 no
graphics                     Graphics                                           no
guest-agents                 Guest Agents                                       no
guest-desktop-agents         Guest Desktop Agents                               no
ha                           High Availability                                  no
haproxy                      HAProxy                                            no
hardware-support             Hardware Support                                   no
haskell                      Haskell                                            no
headless-management          Headless Management                                no
i3                           i3 window manager                                  no
i3-extended                  i3 window manager (supplemental packages)          no
input-methods                Input Methods                                      no
java                         Java                                               no
java-development             Java Development                                   no
javaenterprise               Java Application Server                            no
kde-apps                     KDE Applications                                   no
kde-desktop                  KDE                                                no
kde-education                KDE Educational applications                       no
kde-media                    KDE Multimedia support                             no
kde-office                   KDE Office                                         no
kde-software-development     KDE Software Development                           no
kde-telepathy                KDE Telepathy                                      no
kf5-software-development     KDE Frameworks 5 Software Development              no
legacy-fonts                 Legacy Fonts                                       no
legacy-network-server        Legacy Network Server                              no
libreoffice                  LibreOffice                                        no
libreoffice-development      LibreOffice Development                            no
load-balancer                Load Balancer                                      no
lxde-apps                    Applications for the LXDE Desktop                  no
lxde-desktop                 LXDE                                               no
lxde-media                   Multimedia support for LXDE                        no
lxde-office                  LXDE Office                                        no
lxqt-apps                    Applications for the LXQt Desktop                  no
lxqt-desktop                 LXQt                                               no
lxqt-l10n                    Translations of LXQt                               no
lxqt-media                   Multimedia support for LXQt                        no
lxqt-office                  LXQt Office                                        no
mail-server                  Mail Server                                        no
mate-applications            MATE Applications                                  no
mate-desktop                 MATE                                               no
milkymist                    Milkymist                                          no
mingw32                      MinGW cross-compiler                               no
mongodb                      MongoDB                                            no
multimedia                   Multimedia                                         no
mysql                        MariaDB (MySQL) Database                           no
network-server               Network Servers                                    no
networkmanager-submodules    Common NetworkManager Submodules                   no
neuron-modelling-simulators  Neuron Modelling Simulators                        no
news-server                  News Server                                        no
ocaml                        OCaml                                              no
office                       Office/Productivity                                no
perl                         Perl Development                                   no
perl-web                     Perl for Web                                       no
phosh-desktop                A phone/tablet UX environment                      no
php                          PHP                                                no
platform-vmware              VMware Platform Support                            no
printing                     Printing Support                                   no
python-classroom             Python Classroom                                   no
python-science               Python Science                                     no
robotics-suite               Robotics                                           no
rpm-development-tools        RPM Development Tools                              no
ruby                         Ruby                                               no
rubyonrails                  Ruby on Rails                                      no
security-lab                 Security Lab                                       no
server-cfg                   Server Configuration Tools                         no
server-hardware-support      Hardware Support for Server Systems                no
server-product               Fedora Server product core                         no
smb-server                   Windows File Server                                no
sound-and-video              Sound and Video                                    no
sql-server                   PostgreSQL Database                                no
standard                     Standard                                           no
sugar-apps                   Additional Sugar Activities                        no
sugar-desktop                Sugar Desktop Environment                          no
swaywm                       Sway Window Manager                                no
swaywm-extended              Sway Window Manager (supplemental packages)        no
system-tools                 System Tools                                       no
text-internet                Text-based Internet                                no
tomcat                       Tomcat                                             no
vagrant                      Vagrant with libvirt support                       no
virtualization               Virtualization                                     no
virtualization-headless      Headless Virtualization                            no
web-server                   Basic Web Server                                   no
window-managers              Window Managers                                    no
workstation-ostree-support   Fedora Workstation ostree support                  no
workstation-product          Fedora Workstation product core                    no
x-software-development       X Software Development                             no
xfce-apps                    Applications for the Xfce Desktop                  no
xfce-desktop                 Xfce                                               no
xfce-extra-plugins           Extra plugins for the Xfce panel                   no
xfce-media                   Multimedia support for Xfce                        no
xfce-office                  Xfce Office                                        no
xfce-software-development    Xfce Software Development                          no
xmonad                       XMonad                                             no
xmonad-mate                  XMonad for MATE                                    no

dnf5 group list --available *desktop
ID                           Name                              Installed
basic-desktop Basic Desktop no
budgie-desktop Budgie no
cinnamon-desktop Cinnamon no
critical-path-deepin-desktop Critical Path (Deepin desktop) no
deepin-desktop Deepin Desktop Environment no
deepin-desktop-media Media packages for Deepin Desktop no
enlightenment-desktop Enlightenment no
gnome-desktop GNOME no
gnome-games Extra games for the GNOME Desktop no
kde-desktop KDE no
lxde-apps Applications for the LXDE Desktop no
lxde-desktop LXDE no
lxqt-apps Applications for the LXQt Desktop no
lxqt-desktop LXQt no
mate-desktop MATE no
phosh-desktop A phone/tablet UX environment no
sugar-desktop Sugar Desktop Environment no
xfce-apps Applications for the Xfce Desktop no
xfce-desktop Xfce no 

for kde , gnome  , lxqt etc

- nothing provides /usr/libexec/gcr-ssh-askpass needed by gnome-keyring-42.1-3.fc38.x86_64

dnf5 install gcr3


 skip dependencies

dnf install package-name --setopt=strict=0











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