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tldr gnu

  the core GNU packages commonly found in the base system include: coreutils : Provides essential commands for file and text manipulation, including ls , cp , mv , rm , mkdir , rmdir , cat , echo , touch , chown , chgrp , and many more. findutils : Includes the find command for searching and locating files and directories in a directory hierarchy. diffutils : Contains tools for comparing and finding differences between files, including the diff and cmp commands. grep : The GNU version of the grep command for searching text files using regular expressions. sed : A stream editor for text transformations. awk : A versatile text processing tool for manipulating data. tar : A utility for creating and extracting archives. gzip/gunzip : Provides file compression and decompression utilities. bash : The GNU Bourne-Again Shell, a command-line interpreter that is commonly used as the default system shell. file : A command for determining file types. xargs : A utility for building and executin

xbps to pkg wrapper

 src : cat  pkg #!/bin/sh print_help() {     echo "Usage: pkg ACTION|WRAPPER [PKGNAME|FILE]\n"     echo "ACTIONS:"     echo " help           print this help message."     echo " install        install package with PKGNAME."     echo " remove         remove package with PKGNAME."     echo " search         search for PKGNAME in name/description."     echo " upgrade        upgrade PKGNAME or all packages."     echo " info           show information for package PKGNAME."     echo " which          check to which package FILE belongs."     echo " files          list files contained in package PKGNAME."     echo " clean          remove obsolete packages from package cache."     echo " hold           hold package with PKGNAME."     echo " unhold         unhold package with PKGNAME."     echo " deps           li

ncell/ntc balance transfer

 NTC *422*securitycode*PhoneNo*Rs# common code *133*securitycode*PhoneNo*Rs# Allowed Transfer:  Rs. 10 - Rs.500/Transfer & maximum 20 transfer per day web transfer   to reset security code: scode to 1415  NCELL *17122* PhoneNo * Rs #   you can transfer a balance greater than NRs 10 and a maximum of up to NRs 200 at a time and three times a day at cost 1.28 NPR (Government taxes include: 10% Telecommunication Service Charge, 2% Ownership tax and 13% VAT)     you can also do by using app src:

adb smartsocket error fix

 10-31 09:05:15.352  4257  4257 F adb     : main.cpp:165 could not install *smartsocket* listener: Cannot assign requested address its due to missing loopback interface sudo xbps-install iproute2   cat /etc/runit/core-services/ msg "Setting up loopback interface..." ip link set up dev lo

color print ansi

  # Reset Color_Off= '\033[0m' # Text Reset # Regular Colors Black= '\033[0;30m' # Black Red= '\033[0;31m' # Red Green= '\033[0;32m' # Green Yellow= '\033[0;33m' # Yellow Blue= '\033[0;34m' # Blue Purple= '\033[0;35m' # Purple Cyan= '\033[0;36m' # Cyan White= '\033[0;37m' # White # Bold BBlack= '\033[1;30m' # Black BRed= '\033[1;31m' # Red BGreen= '\033[1;32m' # Green BYellow= '\033[1;33m' # Yellow BBlue= '\033[1;34m' # Blue BPurple= '\033[1;35m' # Purple BCyan= '\033[1;36m' # Cyan BWhite= '\033[1;37m' # White # Underline UBlack= '\033[4;30m' # Black URed= '\033[4;31m' # Red UGreen= '\033[4;32m' # Green UYellow= '\033[4;33m' # Yellow UB