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tweet directly

type on browser this _text
1. right click on chrome omnibox and select edit search engine
 2. on "other search engine label "click ADD
3.give label,keyword=shortcut
4.on url
5. save

now u can tweet from chrome by typing  keyword u set in 3. and pressing space after it .

to add other search engine simply follow similar steps goto site and search any text and replace it by %s

C++ Vs C Programming Language – Which is Better !!!

For the programmers reading this question must seem as old as the chicken & egg question and as hotly debated. While C++ did originate primarily as a means to overcome the shortcomings inherently present in C, there is still a case to be made for learning C language. Today, we go into a little deep into this question. C Language C was designed in the early 1970’s and still uses the command line for its output in most free development environments. It is a procedural language designed to be compiled with a straight-forward and easy to use compiler. One of the primary reasons for its development was to provide direct access to lower level memory,  to provide language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions and to run all of this with minimal run-time support. Thus, becoming useful to design applications that were previously designed with assembly language. Despite its low – level capabilities, a program written in C with standard compliance can be executed on any mac…

This Quantum Theory Predicts That The Future Might Be Influencing The Past

One of the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics could be explained by an equally weird idea – that causation can run backwards in time as well as forwards. What Einstein called “spooky” action at a distance could theoretically be evidence of retrocausality, which is the particle equivalent of you getting a stomach ache today thanks to tomorrow’s bad lunch. A pair of physicists from the US and Canada took a closer look at some basic assumptions in quantum theory and decided unless we discovered time necessarily ran one way, measurements made to a particle could echo back in time as well as forward. We all know quantum mechanics is weird. And part of that weirdness comes down to the fact that at a fundamental level, particles don’t act like solid billiard balls rolling down a table, but rather like a blurry cloud of possibilities shifting around the room. This blurry cloud comes into sharp focus when we try to measure particles, meaning we can only ever see a white ball hit…

Hard link wiki

Hard link source :  Creating a hard link has the effect of giving one file multiple names (e.g. different names in different directories) all of which independently connect to the same data on the disk, none of which depends on any of the others.[1] This causes an alias effect: e.g. if the file is opened by any one of its names, and changes are made to its content, then these changes will also be visible when the file is opened by an alternative name. By contrast, a soft link or “shortcut” to a file is not a direct link to the data itself, but rather is a short file that contains the text of a file name, or a location that gives direct access to yet another file name within some directory. The name contained in or referred to by the soft link may either be a hard link or another soft link. This also creates aliasing, but in a different way. Every directory is itself a file, only special because it contains a list of file names maintained by the 

canonical names of control panel

Canonical Names of Control Panel Items source : 
u can save folder with .{guid} to hide folder and rename it using 7zip or other fm or cmd 
As of Windows Vista, Control Panel items included with Windows are given a canonical name that can be used in an API call or a command-line instruction to programmatically launch that item. As of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, canonical names can be used in a group policy to hide specific Control Panel items. This topic provides details for each Control Panel item: canonical name, GUID, module name, and the operating system versions that recognize the canonical name. Note  Canonical names for Control Panel items are not supported prior to Windows Vista. Control Panel Canonical NamesDeprecated Control Panel Canonical NamesUsing Canonical Names in Group PolicyRemarksControl Panel Canonical Names Points to remember when working with these values: By definition, canonical names do not c…