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win run commands

ס₪₪₪₪§|(Ξ≥≤≥≤≥≤ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ>  lusrmgr.msc = user accounts and groups sysdm.cpl =system properties appwiz.cpl = add/remove programs Function Command Power menu press Windows key + X or right-click Start Windows + Tab Launch Windows 10  Task View Windows + Q Search the web and Windows with Cortana (speech) Windows + S Search the web and Windows with Cortana (keyboard input) Windows + I Open Windows 10 settings Windows + A Open Windows 10 notifications Windows + L Lock your Windows 10 device Windows + Ctrl + D Create new virtual desktop Windows + Ctrl + F4 Close current virtual desktop Windows + Ctrl + [Left][Right] Switch between virtual desktops Windows + [Left][Right][Up][Down] Position windows on your screenE.g.  Windows + [Left]  moves the current window to the left half of your screen. If you use  Windows + [Up]  afterward, the current window will be placed in the upper left quarter of your screen.And, what’s very handy in my opinion: If you release the  Window