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10 things you should know about UEFI

You may have heard about unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI) but been unsure what it means. I usually hear it in reference to some "secret sauce" Macintoshes use "to keep Windows from being loaded on them" or perhaps, "to keep regular PCs from loading OS X." While it is true that Macs use UEFI, there is a lot more to the story than that. Here are 10 things you should know about UEFI. 1: UEFI is the replacement for BIOS The BIOS (basic input/output system) has been at the heart of the PC design for well over 30 years now. It is the piece of firmware that provides the operating system with a standard interface to the functionality of the computer. Unfortunately, its design is quite outdated, carrying a number of limitations that are not acceptable in the current age of computing. UEFI is the replacement for BIOS, and it brings with it a host of modern functionality to carry PCs through the next few decades. 2: It enables better disk support

Quantum physics: What is really real?

Quantum physics: What is really real? A wave of experiments is probing the root of quantum weirdness. Zeeya Merali 20 May 2015 Article tools PDF Rights & Permissions Dan Harris/MIT An experiment showing that oil droplets can be propelled across a fluid bath by the waves they generate has prompted physicists to reconsider the idea that something similar allows particles to behave like waves. Owen Maroney worries that physicists have spent the better part of a century engaging in fraud. Ever since they invented quantum theory in the early 1900s, explains Maroney, who is himself a physicist at the University of Oxford, UK, they have been talking about how strange it is — how it allows particles and atoms to move in many directions at once, for example, or to spin clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously. But talk is

rooting tips

1. Introduction As of the writing of this guide, approximately 80% of the world’s population owns their own cellphone. Out of those, 1.08 billion are smartphones. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you either took a wrong turn on Google or you’re one of the proud legions of users that have incorporated their phones into nearly every aspect of their day-to-day life. You probably shopped around quite a while trying to find the best deal, perhaps read some reviews, quizzed your friends about which model they thought was best, and at some point amidst all that, you must have stumbled with the term “Rooting” and quickly dismissed it as some tech mumbo-jumbo; who has time to mess around with a perfectly good smartphone that can already handle everything you throw at it? As time goes on, however, newer and more demanding apps along with Android OS updates leave you with a “need” to update your phone. You might want to stop, however, and take a moment to consider the not-so-comp