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disable firefox storage cache and mem limit

about:config           false browser.low_commit_space_threshold_mb 2/3 of total memory available in your system.   free --mebi 3683  is 2455   cmdline systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1 (enabled by default by now )  and swapaccount=1 systemd-run --unit = my-firefox --user --scope -p MemoryHigh = 2.5G -p MemoryMax = 2.5G -p MemorySwapMax = 0 firefox %U       systemctl --user show my-firefox.scope | grep Memory     if firefox crash and cant run again clean  systemctl reset-failed my-firefox.scope  src: 

mem in linux

  df /dev/shm Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on tmpfs 1886116 1544 1884572 1% /dev/shm   its default size is half of the available physical RAM   ramdisk in fstab none /ramdisk tmpfs defaults,size=256m 1 2   vm=virtual memory =addressing scheme the Linux kernel uses to handle memory The physical memory is not necessarily contiguous; it might be accessible as a set of distinct address ranges. Besides, different CPU architectures, and even different implementations of the same architecture have different views of how these address ranges are defined.  All this makes dealing directly with physical memory quite complex and to avoid this complexity a concept of virtual memory was developed.    The virtual memory abstracts the details of physical memory from the application software, allows to keep only needed information in the physical memory (demand paging) and provides a mechanism for the protection and controlled sharing of data between processes.

vol control in wm

###Alsa ##speaker     set $upvol amixer sset Master 5%+    set $downvol amixer sset Master 5%-    set $mute amixer sset Master toggle ##mic    set $upmik   amixer -q sset Capture 5%+    set $downmik  amixer -q sset Capture 5%-    set $mutemik  amixer -q sset Capture toggle   ##pipewire/pulseaudio ((debian has pulsemixer )  pulsemixer --change-volume -5  pulsemixer --change-volume +5  pulsemixer --toggle-mute  pulsemixer --list-sources Source:          ID: source-65577, Name: Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo, Mute: 0, Channels: 2, Volumes: ['86%', '86%'] Source:          ID: source-42, Name: Built-in Audio Analog Stereo, Mute: 1, Channels: 2, Volumes: ['5%', '5%'], Default note source id mine is 42    pulsemixer --change-volume  -5  --id 42  pulsemixer --change-volume   +5 --id 42 pulsemixer --toggle-mute --id 42     ##arch pamixer -i 5 #to increase 5% pamixer -d 5 #to decrease 5%         bindsym XF86AudioRaiseVolume exec  $upvol     bindsym XF86Au

ff opts

 /usr/bin/firefox -h Usage: /usr/lib/firefox/firefox [ options ... ] [URL]        where options include: X11 options   --display=DISPLAY  X display to use   --sync             Make X calls synchronous   --g-fatal-warnings Make all warnings fatal Firefox options   -h or --help       Print this message.   -v or --version    Print Firefox version.   --full-version     Print Firefox version, build and platform build ids.   -P <profile>       Start with <profile>.   --profile <path>   Start with profile at <path>.   --migration        Start with migration wizard.   --ProfileManager   Start with ProfileManager.   --no-remote        Do not accept or send remote commands; implies                      --new-instance.   --new-instance     Open new instance, not a new window in running instance.   --safe-mode        Disables extensions and themes for this session.   --allow-downgrade  Allows downgrading a profile.   --MOZ_LOG=<modules> Treated as MOZ_LOG=<modules&

powerpoint shortcut

run powerpoint =  powerpnt   ctrl+m = add(make) new slide click on slide+ delete/backspace = delete selected slide ctrl+s  = save ctrl+o = open ctrl+q/w/f4 = close  ctrl+shift+> = increase font ctrl+shift+< = decrease font ctrl+b/i/u = bold/italic/underline font shift+f3 = toggle case sentencecase>lowercase>uppercase>capitalize each word ctrl+l/e/r = align data to left/center/right     f5 = slideshow shift+f5 = slideshow from current slide   on slideshow forward arrow key/ mouse click =  to move next slide back arrow  key   =  to return to previous slide esc = quite slide show    set timing slideshow ribbon> reharse timings slideshow starts press next on desired time and goto  next  and save  record slideshow is similar animations entrance effect emphasis effect exit effect motion path effect   

javascript bookmarks

ff bookmark shortcut  sidebar=btrl+b  , window=ctrl+shift+o in url field javascript : ( ( ) => { // Your code here! } ) ( ) ;     javascript : ( ( ) => { alert ( 'Hello, World!' ) ; } ) ( ) ;       javascript : ( ( ) => { return '<h1 style="color: white; background-color: black;">Hello, World!</h1>' ; } ) ( ) ;   youtube no cokie  ( open current yt in nocokie)O javascript:(function () {if (window.location.toString().includes(' { + window.location.toString().split(%27=%27)[1]) }})()         date and time javascript: var %24jscomp%3D%24jscomp%7C%7C%7B%7D%3B%24jscomp.scope%3D%7B%7D%3B%24jscomp.createTemplateTagFirstArg%3Dfunction(a)%7Breturn a.raw%3Da%7D%3B%24jscomp.createTemplateTagFirstArgWithRaw%3Dfunction(a%2Cc)%7Ba.raw%3Dc%3Breturn a%7D%3Bfunction showTime()%7Bvar a%3Dnew Date%2Cc%3D12<a.getHours()%3Fa.getHours()-12%3Aa.getH

firefox in tmpfs bubblewrap test (alpine)

 doas  ln -sf /etc/firefox/firefox.js /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/pref.js cat /etc/firefox/firefox.js pref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore"); pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.aboutHome.enabled", false); pref("trailhead.firstrun.branches", "nofirstrun-empty"); pref("browser.aboutwelcome.enabled", false); pref("browser.startup.firstrunSkipsHomepage",false); pref("browser.feeds.showFirstRunUI", false); pref("toolkit.telemetry.reportingpolicy.firstRun", false); pref("browser.pocket.enabled", false); pref("extension.pocket.enabled", false); pref("", 0); pref("general.warnOnAboutConfig", false); pref("accessibility.force_disabled", 1); pref("app.normandy.first_run", false); pref("app.shield.optoutstudies.enabled", false); pref("toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled", false); pre

calorie guide

 calorie deficit burned > intake arm , face , shoulder, chest, belly  MET - Metabolic Equivalent of Task 1 met = resting metabolic rate(RMR)=  3.5ml/kg/min = 1 kcal/kg/hr = 1.162 W/kg off by 20% to 30% for person to person  kg=kilogram cal=calorie min=minute hr=hour W=watt ml of oxygen , kg of  bodymass , min/hr of activity  met minutes= met level * mins of exercise ACSM recommends 500-1000 met minutes/week  1 kal = 4.184 Joule= ≈  1.162 × 10 −6  Kw.h    Light-intensity activities < 3  Moderate-intensity activities 3 to 6 Vigorous intensity activities ≥6      src: for child :


 online editor extension : .md or .markdown markdown processor (parser)  converts markdown to html for website: + github pages cms :   Basic Syntax   Heading  # Heading level 1  <h1>Heading level 1</h1> ## h2, ### h3 up to ###### h6 on the line below the text, add any number of == characters for heading level 1 or -- characters for heading level 2. For compatibility,  always put a space between the number signs and the heading name. You should also put blank lines before and after a heading    Paragraph use blank lines don’t indent paragraphs with spaces or tabs  unless in list   Line Breaks  end a line with two or more spaces, and then type return.   Bold two asterisks or underscores before and after a word or phrase. To bold the middle of a word for emphasis, add two asterisks without spaces around the letters. For compatibility, us

sed test

grab image link firefox extension  nano auto wl-paste > dl sed "s/[?].*$//" |  wl-copy  sh auto Fatkun Batch Download Image by Devin     sed -i 's/old-text/new-text/g' input.txt   if / is in  text escape it with \    append something at end  sed -i 's/$/.jpg/'  test  vim delete odd lines :1d|g/^/+d    even  delete :g/^/+d   remove everything after ? in url       wget download list of file wget -l list sed "s/[?].*$//" filename

ff ram

about:config search disk  browser.sessionhistory.max_entries 10 browser. cache. disk. capacity   0   dom. storage. enabled false browser. cache. disk_cache_ssl false browser. cache. disk. smart_size. enabled false


horizental = row vertiacl = column  matrix= row*column   dimensions are called axes .shape = tuple of array dimensions [1, 2, 1] , has one axis length=no of elements = 3 in [1,2,3] NumPy’s array class is called ndarray    alias array attributes of ndarray ndarray.ndim = no of axes   ndarray.shape = matrix with n rows and m columns, shape will be (n,m). length of the shape tuple is therefore the number of axes, ndim ndarray.size = the total number of elements of the array. This is equal to the product of the elements of shape. ndarray.dtype = an object describing the type of the elements in the array. One can create or specify dtype’s using standard Python types. Additionally NumPy provides types of its own. ex: numpy.int32, numpy.int16, and numpy.float64 ndarray.itemsize = the size in bytes of each element of the array. For example, an array of elements of type float64 has itemsize 8 (=64/8), while one of type complex32 has itemsize 4 (=32/8). It is equivalent to ndarray.dtype.items