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socrates triple filter test

 three filter to apply before listening/saying  : 1. Truth “Am I sure that what I am going to say is true?” 2. Goodness  “Is what I’m going to say a good thing?” 3. Usefulness    “Do I really need to say it and is it useful?”  

brotli decompress to dat

  brotli.exe --decompress --in --out   windows util multi image kitchen (mik ) has gui    need xx.transfer.list  to unpack    sdat2img.exe vendor.transfer.list vendor.dat vendor.img    imgextractor vendor.bin    

gsi rom on rc15

broken due to format all partition  (no working fastboot) mtk e metadata,userdata,md_udc mtk da seccfg unlock   flash gsi rom via fastbootd via twrp mtk w recovery twrp.img this device need arm64 a-b type image with full vndk  sudo fastboot flash system system.img   result in bootloop to fastboot ( unlock verify failed) flash stock boot mtk w boot boot.img flash stock  vbmeta fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img   bootloop fix mtk w vbmeta vbmeta.img.empty tested e-os also worked with stock boot.img and userdata to ext3, ext4 gave bootchart permission error

disable at spi dbus

 Set environment variable in .xprofile or .xinitrc (sytemwide: /etc/environment) export NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 BUT: Unfortunately, even with NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 at-spi-bus-launcher is still launched by certain applications. Try adding this in pacman.conf: NoExtract = usr/share/dbus-1/accessibility-services/org.a11y.*  # no leading slash!! In a terminal issue: sudo rm / usr/share/dbus-1/accessibility-services/org.a11y.* Optional: killall at-spi2-registryd; killall  at-spi-bus-launcher     src  

building aur using google cloud console ( weekly 40 hr limit)

 ## using debian (failed) git clone --depth=1  sudo apt install meson libgtk-3-dev libjson-c-dev libgtk-layer-shell-dev  meson build ninja -C build  sudo ninja -C build install   dependency error layer shell is old version neeed latest to compile    ## using archlinux chroot wget tar xzf /path-to-bootstrap-image /archlinux-bootstrap-x86_64.tar.gz --numeric-owner   mkdir ~/arch  sudo tar xzf archlinux-bootstrap-2023.06.01-x86_64.tar.gz --numeric-owner -C arch/ sudo nano  arch/root.x86_64/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ## uncomment some mirrors ##  sudo mount --bind arch/root.x86_64/  arch/root.x86_64/  sudo arch-chroot arch/root.x86_64/   or /tmp/root.x86_64/bin/arch-chroot /tmp/root.x86_64/ pacman-key --init  pacman-key --populate   p