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msuic dowloader

 git clone  pacman  -S youtube-dl ffmpeg youtube-dl: Using pip is the preferred way of getting it, can also be obtained from python's website and installed with pip3 install youtube-dl ffmpeg: Can be obtained via package manager or from here      youtube-dl -f bestaudio/best   url youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3  url youtube-dl -x --audio-format opus url youtube-dl -F url youtube-dl -f 251 url 251= format code 251          webm       audio only  [en] medium,  129k, webm_dash containervideo@   0k, opus @129k (48000Hz) sb3,sb2,sb1,sb0 = storyboardvideo@,48x27,80x45,160x90,320x180  30k, 48k,129k m4a_dash m4a  31k,46k,61k,129k webm_dash opus yt-dlp -f bestaudio[acodec=opus] -x url youtube-dl -F

download anime in bulk fro gogoanime   pacman -S python python-pip aria2 curl apt-get install python aria2   mkdir -p ~/storage/shared curl -L '' | bash -s -- update    or  download zip from   pip install modules  -bs4(BeautifulSoup) -requests   pip install bs4 requests   cd GoGo-Downloader/ or where zip is extracted python                

twrp for realme c11/12/15

 adb reboot bootloader # =sudo #fastboot flash recovery twrp.img #fastboot reboot recovery  src:  make copy to google drive if quota exceedes

root realme c15 by magisk

install adb and fastboot (minimal adb & fastboot for windows and via pkg manager in linux)  1.Download deeptest for realme c11 as all tools/roms of c11/c12 and c15 are same  2. start applying and after 1bout 15 minutes you will get review successful. 3.start in depth test and device will start  in fastboot mode 4.  fastboot flashing unlock  [may need sudo] 5. select unlock bootloader [this step will wipe user data so backup if necessary] install magisk download magisk apk , stock boot.img of c15 rom and vmbeta.img to bypass boot verification( Optional ? not sure) vmbeta.img: stock boot.img 7.patch boot.img to get magisk_patched_something.img file   move  files , vmbeta.img and  magisk_patched_something.img to adb directory or start