sxhkd volume andbrightness config for dwm on void

xbps-install  sxhkd

mkdir .config/sxhkd
cd .config/sxhkd
nano/vim sxhkdrc
        amixer -c 1 -- sset Master 2db+

        amixer -c 1 -- sset Master 2db-

        amixer -c 1 -- sset Master toggle

alt + shift + Escape
        pkill -USR1 -x sxhkd

         xbacklight -inc 20

         xbacklight -dec 20

amixer -c card_no -- sset Interface volume
run alsamixer to find card no and interface names

xbps-install -S git
 git clone
xbps-install -S base-devel libX11-devel libXft-devel libXinerama-devel 
# FREETYPEINC = ${X11INC}/freetype2 #comment for non-bsd
make clean install
cp config.def.h config.h
 vim config.h
xbps-install -S font-symbola #for emoji on statusbar support
void audio config
xbps-install alsa-tools alsa-utils sox
pcm.!default {
 type plug
 slave.pcm "dmixer"

pcm.dmixer  {
  type dmix
  ipc_key 1024
  slave {
  pcm "hw:1,0"
  period_time 0
  period_size 1024
  buffer_size 4096
  rate 44100
 bindings {
  0 0
  1 1

ctl.dmixer {
 type hw
 card 1
usermod -aG audio username 


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