5 Steps to Take Before you Monetize Your Blog.

 5 Steps to Take Before you Monetize Your Blog.
5 Steps to take Before You Monetize Your Blog

1.) Get your traffic going.

Some PR companies/ media agencies want your pageviews around 15,000/month before they’ll give you sponsored posts. This is by no means across the board, but many bloggers wonder why they don’t make any money at first. You know your work is awesome, but others need to know it, too! Give it time, and keep writing fantastic content! It was a solid 2 years before I started seeing any worthwhile income.

2.) Take a hard look at your blog’s content

Speaking of fantastic content, make sure that you have it! There are very few bloggers who make it “big time” solely doting on their beautiful children and trips to the park! Now that’s not to say don’t ever write those kinds of posts- those ARE important because they make the blogger relatable to their audience. But most bloggers who are financially successful give helpful information on their blogs- a lot.
For example, lots of people find my blog by looking for good recipes (like this one!). If they find me that way, they’ll keep coming back looking for more of those recipes! As adorable as my children are, I’ve got to have other content on the blog as well. Companies who choose to use you for advertising will be looking at your content as well as your traffic, so make it shine!
(PS Please use correct grammar and spelling! If you want to be a professional, it’s vital to write like one!)

 3.) Decide which PR companies fit your niche.

I’ve had success with Pollinate MediaSoFabLinqia, and Clever Girls. I’m starting a relationship with MomsAffiliate and Sverve. Read the policies of each company to decide with whom you want to do business. There are so many out there now, so choose wisely! Once you do begin with these companies, don’t get discouraged if you get turned down for more opportunities than you are accepted for. It took me at least a year in each company to get a sponsored post, but now I’m getting more.
As you can see from the snapshot my Clever Girls dashboard below, I applied for 8 campaigns. I was waitlisted for one, not selected for 6, and only accepted for one. It only takes a few minutes to apply for each, though, so it’s worth it for the one I did get!
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.36.59 AM

4.) Network with other bloggers.

Blogging is such a social activity- you simply won’t be successful if you write your posts and walk away. (Unless you’re Kate Middleton or someone like that!) Post your links toFB, pin everything you write to Pinterest, but don’t stop there. Go out and “meet” other bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Find some in your niche and learn from them. Ask questions. Some bloggers aren’t nice and won’t share what they’ve learned, but SO many of them are!
I’ve recently joined a blogging “Tribe” of several other Texas bloggers. We share the other ladies’ work, ask each other questions, encourage one another, and they have become some of my friends! I highly recommend finding a tribe to work with in order to get your work seen by more eyes.

5.) Don’t stress out.

Seriously, I was waaaay too consumed with my blog when I first started. Don’t get me wrong, it takes LOTS of time and effort to get a blog up and running, but you’ve got to step away occasionally. You still have lots of other parts of your life, so certainly don’t base your worth on your blogging success or failure! I heard at a blog conference last year that the average blogger lasts 6 months. As I mentioned earlier, it was 2 years before I started seeing income. Do what you can and do it well, but don’t let it completely take over your life!
A few of my blogging friends Paula and Becky recently started a blog solely dedicated to keeping your blog part-time- it’s called Blogging on the Side. I highly recommend reading through it a few posts at a time- there’s a wealth of information from two highly successful bloggers!


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