run as different user windows

runas /user:$computername\$username /savecred $commandname

omit /savecred if u dont want to save credintals i.e reprompt password on next command use

runas /user:$computername\$username  $commandname

$computername= ur pc name (find by pressing win+x+y i.e system tab>device name or by using cmd cmd /k hostname ) or it can be name of  other pc on same network

$username = username of the computer you want to login ( username lsit can be found by running net user)

$commandname = app you want to run as different user


runas /user:MEOW\kat /savecred cmd 

to delete saved credintals use credintal manager in control panel or


delete files there

for gui mode shift+right click gives option to run as different user


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