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get weather using curl



while [ 1 ]
    weather=$(curl -Ss '')
    echo "$weather"
    sleep 60




curl for data rich format  

$ curl # current location
$ curl # weather in the Munich airport

Supported location types:

/paris # city name
/~Eiffel+tower # any location (+ for spaces)
/Москва # Unicode name of any location in any language
/muc # airport code (3 letters)
/ # domain name
/94107 # area codes
/-78.46,106.79 # GPS coordinates

Moon phase information:

/moon # Moon phase (add ,+US or ,+France for these cities)
/moon@2016-10-25 # Moon phase for the date (@2016-10-25)


m # metric (SI) (used by default everywhere except US)
u # USCS (used by default in US)
M # show wind speed in m/s

View options:

0 # only current weather
1 # current weather + today's forecast
2 # current weather + today's + tomorrow's forecast
A # ignore User-Agent and force ANSI output format (terminal)
F # do not show the "Follow" line
n # narrow version (only day and night)
q # quiet version (no "Weather report" text)
Q # superquiet version (no "Weather report", no city name)
T # switch terminal sequences off (no colors)

PNG options:

/paris.png # generate a PNG file
p # add frame around the output
t # transparency 150
transparency=... # transparency from 0 to 255 (255 = not transparent)
background=... # background color in form RRGGBB, e.g. 00aaaa

Options can be combined:

/Paris_0pq.png # in PNG the file mode are specified after _
/Rome_0pq_lang=it.png # long options are separated with underscore


$ curl
$ curl
$ curl -H "Accept-Language: fr"

Supported languages:

am ar af be bn ca da de el et fr fa gl hi hu ia id it lt mg nb nl oc pl pt-br ro ru ta tr th uk vi zh-cn zh-tw (supported)
az bg bs cy cs eo es eu fi ga hi hr hy is ja jv ka kk ko ky lv mk ml mr nl fy nn pt pt-br sk sl sr sr-lat sv sw te uz zh zu he (in progress)

Special URLs:

/:help # show this page
/:bash.function # show recommended bash function wttr()
/:translation # show the information about the translators
geolocation precision = 6 digits  
it uses api 


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