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nvim tutorial/cheatsheet



modal editor = various modes



lesson 1

h=left  j=down k=up l=right

u=undo K=documendation :q=close :q!=quit without saving

x=delete character under cursor

i=insert a text before cursor

A=append text after line (end) / insert after cursor

:wq= write and exit


lesson 2

dw=delete word (after cursor to space)

d$=delete to the end of line

d=delete operator with 

motions w=to start of next word ,  e=to end of current word, $=end of line,0=start of line

pressing just motions moves cursor as specified

typing number before motion repeats it that many times

2w=move 2 word forward 3e=end of third word 0=start of word

d2w=delete 2 word 

dd=delete and copy whole line

2dd= delete 2 line


u=undo last command

U=fix whole line to its original state/undo changes on line



lesson 3

p=put previously deleted text after cursor /line below cursor (paste)

P=put text before the cursor /line above cursor

r=replace text in cursor


ce=change until end of word , delete word and put in insert mode

cw=replace from cursor 

lesson 4

<C-g> show location in file and file status

G=move to bottom of file = last line

number G = move to that line number 

gg=move to start of file = 1G


/ = search  n= search for same phrase again N=search in opposite directioin

?=search in backwawrd direction

<C-o>=go back where you came from

<C-i> = go forward

%= find matching  braces ),],or }


:s/old/new = substitute first old with new

:s/old/new/g = substitute command to replace old by new

/g = flag : globally in line

:#,#s/old/new/g =  subst between lines #,# inclusive

:%s/old/new/g = whole file

:%s/old/new/gc = whole file with confirmation prompt 


:! cmd = executes  shell cmd1


:w filename = write to filename 

v : something w filename : write selected text to file

:r filename = retrive file

:r !ls 


leson 6

o= insert  new line  below cursor

O= same as o but  ablove  line 

a= insert text after cursor

a,i and A all goes to same insert mode

R = replace more than one text / overwrite text

y= yank (copy) selected text

yy= copy line

p= put/paste

v=visual select

j$=end of next line

yw=yank word


:set ic = set ignorecase

:set hls is = set hlsearch and incsearch

:set noic = disable  ignorecase

:set invic = invert value of setting

:set nohlsearch = remove highliting from search

/ignore\c = search with ignore case

<C-w><C-w> = jump from one window to another


:help w

:help c_CTRL-D

:e  filename = load file 

:saveas path/file 

:x  = only save if necessary

ZZ or :wq = write and quiot 

:bn , :bp = next and previous buffer

<C-d> <Tab> = command line completion in : option 


- *Learn Vim Progressively*:
- *Learning Vim in 2013*:
- *Vimcasts*:
- *Vim Video-Tutorials by Derek Wyatt*:
- *Learn Vimscript the Hard Way*:
- *7 Habits of Effective Text Editing*:
- *vim-galore*:

. = repeat last command

Ncommand= repeat command n times

100ni am fine <CR> <ESC> = writes i am fine 100 times

NG= goto line N

*,# = goto next,previous word under cursor

<start position><command><end position>

0y$ = goto start and copy to end of line

y2/foo yank to second occurance of foo

^ = go to first character on the line

g_ → go to the last character on the line

fa → go to next occurrence of the letter a on the line. , (resp. ;) will find the next (resp. previous) occurrence.

t, → go to just before the character ,.

3fa → find the 3rd occurrence of a on this line.

F and T → like f and t but backward. 

dt" → remove everything until the "

visual mode

<action>a<object> and <action>i<object>

action = d (delete), y (yank), v(select in visual)

object can be: w a word, W a WORD (extended word), s a sentence, p a paragraph. But also, natural character such as ", ', ), }, ].


rectangular block

0<C-v><C-d>I-- [ESC]

<C-q> if clipboard is not empty


<C-p>, <C-n> completions


:qa = record macros in register a

@@= replay lasst executed macros


qaYp<C-a>q →

    qa start recording.
    Yp duplicate this line.
    <C-a> increment the number.
    q stop recording.

<C-a> increment number


visual selection  = v,V,<C-v>

    J → join all the lines together.
    < (resp. >) → indent to the left (resp. to the right).
    = → auto indent

:split :vsplit

:help split


        :split → create a split (:vsplit create a vertical split)
        <C-w><dir> : where dir is any of hjkl or ←↓↑→ to change the split.
        <C-w>_ (resp. <C-w>|) : maximise the size of the split (resp. vertical split)
        <C-w>+ (resp. <C-w>-) : Grow (resp. shrink) split










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